Introduction of Products

Labor-saving/automatic machines

Using turn tables and conveyors, we design labor-saving/automatic machines that meet customers' needs.

Example 1 Part supply/discharging machine

The part supply/discharging machine supplies parts to a blasting machine, automatic assembling machine, etc., then receives and stores the finished parts. It greatly helps reduce the number of workers.

Example 2 Automatic part aligner

Prior to baking, the automatic part aligner automatically aligns the parts, making them upright.

We had many cracked or damaged parts before baking, so we manually prepared the parts. After introduction of this machine, four workers are reduced and still the efficiency increases.

In the conventional operation, it took five minutes to prepare one tray. This machine can reduce it to 20 seconds.

Example 3: Cleaning machine

The cleaning machine removes fine dust and dirt from the products and eliminates static electricity at the final stage prior to packing.

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