Introduction of Technology  Principle of assembly using pallets

The parts never fall since cream solder, etc. was applied after the pre-process.

  1. Device table A with parts aligned in process 2 is vacuumed from the back of the pallet transferred to the outer A jig in process 1.

The above figure shows the outer A jig is vacuumed and transferred.

  1. The jig, on which outer A is placed, is vacuumed from behind and transferred to the jig in process 1.

Assembly and wiring of six parts is completed.

  1. The jig containing outer A is removed and wiring is performed.

* Because the finished parts are aligned, wiring can be made more efficient in the customer's process.

  1. Parts are taken out of the outer jig to complete the production process.

Thanks to use of the pallets, parts are efficiently supplied and assembled in series and as a result, they can be transferred easily to the customer's process.

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