Introduction of Technology  Principle of assembly using pallets

Parts are turned by vibration after supplied.

Positioning is completed.

  1. Device B in process 4 is sucked from behind and dropped onto the guide pallet.

Please perform visual check from the top of the pallet during positioning by vibration.

(The figure shows a perspective drawing of the guide pallet.)

With the VI-02-Vac, an integral vacuum-and-vibration type work table, is used, the work efficiency improves greatly.

Pallet on which devices A and B are collectively nested

  1. The guide pallet in process 5 is replaced with the pallet for device A, for which positioning is then performed in the same way as in process 6.

Positioning of devices A and B is completed.

State after transfer is completed

(The devices A and B with parts laid out and aligned in the previous process are placed on outer B and device table B.)

  1. The completed pallet in the previous process is sucked from behind and transferred to the jig on which device table B was assembled in process 3.

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