Introduction of Technology  Principle of assembly using pallets

Nesting of device table B is completed.


Device table B is assembled into outer B.

  1. The pallet for device table B is sucked from the back and transferred to the jig on which outer B is set.

Better than supply by a part feeder, Ikeda's pallet technique aligns parts on a flat surface at a time and supplies them to the next process, using pallets from the beginning to the end. You never need any special mechanisms for solving troubles due to clogged parts and for handling to make preparations in part supplying to the next process.

Mirroring is applied for pallets for transferring layout shapes.

The optimum pallet configuration depends on the parts to be aligned, the assembly process, and the final posture of the parts desired by the customer.

Meeting your needs flexibly, Ikeda's machines can smoothly be introduced in your production process.

Image of nesting of devices A and B

  1. Devices A and B are nested.

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