Introduction of Technology  Principle of assembly using pallets

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Here is an example of actual assembly procedure using a pallet.

We have no definitive standards so that we can address various kinds of parts and products and support the current assembly lines and needs of our customers: We know that there are various assembling methods. We provide assembling methods and jig designs flexibly after our sales staff consults with customers.

In this example, six parts are assembled.

Refer to the example of assembly of thermo modules.

Four parts are sandwiched between outers A and B. These parts have different layouts from each other.

  1. Outers A and B are set on each of the jigs.

  1. Device tables A and B are nested on a pallet.

Devices A and B seem cubical, but their height is slightly greater, so their directions must be aligned.

Since the pallets recognize different parts by the differences in their shapes, it is difficult to align such parts as a matter of fact. We will take appropriate measures, however, based on our long experience and know-how.

Pallet for device table B

* Four parts are placed on one pallet for the demonstration purpose in this example, but actually, it depends on the sizes of customer's products and pallets and the nesting machine model.

Supposing the pallet dimensions are 200 x 250 and the product size is approx. 40, the layout pitch is 4 rows x 45P, 5 rows x 45P, and 20 pieces are taken per pallet. 20 parts can be assembled at a time.

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