Q&A Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Can the parts nested with the nesting machine be transferred automatically to the final jig?


Since numberless of user specifications exist for automatic nesting machines, typical examples are given below.


  1. When the nesting machine starts, the conveyor transfers the final jig to the transfer position.
  2. When the nesting machine stops, the suction box lowers and starts sucking the parts.
  3. After the suction operation, the suction box goes up to the final jig. The nesting machine restarts at the same time.
  4. The suction box goes down to the final jig and turns suction off.
  5. The suction box goes up to the origin point.
  6. After the transfer is completed, the final jig is discharged and an empty final jig is supplied.
  7. This operation is repeated.


  1. You can change the type of parts by simply using different pallets including suction pallets.
  2. You can assemble several parts on the final jig in order if connecting several automatic part transfer machines.
  3. We offer various solutions for final jig supplying/discharging. Please consult us.

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