Q&A Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What are nesting machines?


Nesting machine outline

  1. The nesting machine has essentially two functions of swing motion and horizontal vibration.
  2. The "pallet", the "collecting pallet (large)" and the "collecting pallet (small)" are placed on the vibration base as shown in the figure titled "Viewed from A", then parts are placed on the collecting pallet (large).
  3. Switching the nesting machine on starts both swing motion and horizontal vibration, which carry and scatter the parts from the collecting pallet (large), and finally nest them in the shaped holes in the pallet during their reciprocating movement by the swing motion.
  4. When the specified number of swings is complete, excess parts are collected in the collecting pallet (large). Now the nesting process is all completed.
  5. After the parts are loaded, remove the pallet first, then the collecting pallet (small). You can repeat the nesting process by setting unloaded pallets and turn the "Start"switch on again.
  6. One to sixteen pallets can be set depending on the type of nesting machine and the pallet size.
  7. In some cases, different types of parts may be nested at the same time by dividing the pallets by columns. The settable number of pallets can also be changed.

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