Introduction of assembly products

Purposes of using pallets (alignment jigs)

The greatest feature of the pallets is that parts can be aligned in any desired posture and fed to the next process. Therefore, you can use the pallets having the aligned parts on them, as they are, in image inspection machines, automatic assembly machines, and for part classification for cleaning. The pallets can be used in more various applications by transferring the work to customer's jigs.

As another feature, Ikeda's nesting machines can also assemble customer's parts. Many and various parts can be assembled at a time by aligning them on pallets and supplying them on a flat surface. By increasing work efficiency and shortening time, as a result, Ikeda's nesting machines can drastically reduce the production costs, thus the product unit prices.

We can design a nesting machine so that parts can be fed to the customer's process after assembled partially, not completely.

Changes of used parts are supported flexibly by using pallets. Ikeda's nesting machines can satisfy you even in cases where you need to frequently change parts or types of parts for higher competitiveness.

Supports various types of parts

Assembly of flat parts

Assembly example: Thermo modules >>

Flat parts can be aligned on a flat surface with the same posture and assembled by suction and transfer.

Exploded view

Assembly of long parts

Assembly example: Contact probe for inspection >>

To assemble long parts, the nesting machine first aligns them on a flat surface, then sweep them with an upright pallet. In addition, parts can also be press-fit.

Exploded view